Anuka the Dragon
Anuka is exceptionally quiet and kind, but suffers from a few phobias she can't overcome on her own.


Ice Dragon

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Naku Village

Scale Colors

Fuchsia and Pink

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Eye Color


Fav. Food



Primary Traits: Edit

Kind, quiet, gentle, very sensitive, easy to offend

Secondary Traits: Edit

Very trusting, loving, loyal, nervous, avoidant, triggered by violence


Lawful good (with Naku Village)

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Special SkillsEdit

Ice MagicEdit

Anuka can harness the power of ice. Among her powers are the ability to summon ice crystals to throw as a weapon or spray to freeze a target. She does so by cooling water in the air and removing heat, converting gas into solid.


Anuka's flying skills are limited, but her scaled wings allow for hovering and slower forms of travel. She avoids using them however due to painful scarring in the bones in her wings.

Weaknesses Edit

Sentisivity to hostilityEdit

She panics when physically threatened and her strong emotions cause her to lose control of her ice powers, sometimes accidentally freezing nearby objects or summoning small snow flurries. Role in the community during peace

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit

Lance the Dragon: When Anuka escaped her clan, Lance was the first Naku Villager she encountered. He escorted her, bruised and battered, to the village to shelter and safety. After hearing her story, he swore to her she'd never feel pain again. The two quickly grew a deep intimacy and were mated soon after. One is rarely seen without the other, and they make up a very happy and safe relationship.

Sri the Cat: Often when Anuka has panic attacks or crying fits, Sri helps her work through them until Lance can arrive to help her. Anuka considers Sri a close friend and adores her encouraging and accepting personality.

Phineas the Bluebird: Phineas' overbearing, loud tendencies scare her a bit. She doesn't dislike him, but she'd much, much rather spend her time where Phineas is not..

Akinori the Panda: The two joined the village around the same time, and since the then-low-population sanctuary was filled with critters who already knew each other, the two took to each other as "newbie companions" of sorts. Their matching sensitivities also help form a kinship of understanding Anuka doesn't share with anyone else.

Yafeu the Eagle: Anuka has a run-in with Yafeu at one point. He barks insults and threats at her. It's at this moment that she displays her first sign of healing and confidence: she freezes his feet, causing him to trip and fall face-down into mud while explaining how his words are empty and only illustrate his own insecurities. She holds no ill-will against him and if anything only pities the extent of his yearning for attention from others.