Bukinori the Panda
Bukinori is seldom cheerful and bottles up his intense hatred.


Giant Panda

Name Meaning






Fur Colors

White and India Green

Skin Color

Dark grey

Eye Color


Fav. Food

Sugar Cane


Primary traits:Edit

Only speaks when absolutely necessary, uses a very large vocabulary, subtly insults anyone who irritates him

Secondary traits:Edit

Secretly abhors his family, especially his brother, for rejecting him over "nothing" and uses his hostility to drive his focus on war tactics to someday have his revenge; plays along as if he enjoys his clansmates' company though he looks down upon most of them almost as much; considers almost everyone unworthy of his presence but plays along since the Marauders are his best chance at executing vengeance upon his family.

Alignment: Edit

Neutral Evil

Speech Accent: Edit


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Role in the community during peaceEdit

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit


Bukinori and Akinori share the same mother and are both unsure if they are twins or simply brothers. The two were born into a strictly pious group of pandas, which they both went along with until Akinori hit age 10. Akinori realized their customs seemed outdated, closed-minded and senseless, and when he brought up his thoughts to the clan leader, he was immediately accused of blasphemy and cast out along with his brother for conspiracy. Bukinori, to his horror, was shunned for doing nothing of the sort. Since then, Bukinori's had a passionate hatred of his brother for unintentionally dragging him into his battles. Akinori has tried to apologize and explain to his family Bukinori's lack of involvement, but to them, damage had already been done.


Despite his hatred of all other creatures, he's drawn to Irma intellectually due to her resonating mind and her ability to think ahead and solve problems. His way of thinking was similar but more tactic-oriented. When working together, the two were able to form error-proof plans to assault the villages and clans Halinka deemed a threat to their way of living. Both Bukinori and Irma had little to no qualms about who they were hurting because Halinka assured them they were doing it all for the greater good. Bukinori believed it more than Irma, but his main motivation was to get revenge on his brother and the others who cast him out when he was so young.


Bukinori is fond of Yafeu due to his eagerness to follow Bukinori's dastardly plans. He is efficient and fast, which pleases Bukinori as he's eager to move on from clan to clan in order to quickly conquer as much land and wipe out as many enemies as possible.