Jabari the Lemur
Jabari is quiet and awkward and doesn't participate in training much.


Ringtailed Lemur

Name Meaning






Fur Colors

Burgundy, purple, lavender

Skin Color


Eye Color

Palatinate Blue

Fav. Food



Primary traits:Edit

Quiet, self-depricating, obedient, eager to please

Secondary traits:Edit

Can be cowardly and run away in extreme situations, weak-willed, overly generous

Alignment: Edit

Neutral Good

Speech Accent: Edit

South African

Character DescriptionEdit


Special SkillsEdit


Jabari is able to comprehend and deal with changes in weather, ecosystems, and mostly social situations. He rarely speaks up about what he senses, but he does sense them, nonetheless. Only when the situations are dire does he warn his colleagues. His abilities can help turn the tide against opponents without similar advantages.


His long tail lets Jabari swing from trees rapidly and with incredible accuracy. It serves as a counter balance on small branches and helps him leap further distances when in combat.


He has a unique ability to remember far more than any other teammate, which can be advantageous if the troop gets lost or they lose their sense of direction. He can pick up on the slightest of clues to point them in the right direction.

Role in the community during peaceEdit

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Being one of the weakest members of the Marauders, Jabari was assigned to cullinary duty for the fighting horde. This was ideal for him and he did not complain in the slightest. Being alone in the dark dungeon slaving away over pots and pans took its toll on him, though. He became lonely, and only his visits from Greta and Efrain were able to cheer him up and keep him motivated. Other than his occasional company, though he loved creating new dishes for his group, he became bored of it and secretly longed to observe the battle by the third day.

After pleading with Halinka and Bukinori to let him arise from the depths of the galley and sleeping quarters and being rejected twice, he escaped through the back of the stronghold and onto a nearby hill. To his horror, the battle was much more ruthless and gory than he expected, and it scared him. Since he had previously overheard the exchanges down the hallway between Dorae and Corinne, he decided Naku Village was probably his safest bet, so he headed in that direction from a distance, trying to conceal his presence lest he be dragged into a battle with which he wanted nothing to do.

Notable RelationshipsEdit