Lance the Dragon
Lance almost always has a smile on his face.


Fire Dragon

Name Meaning

Tough Stone




Naku Village

Scale Color

Forest Green

Alt. Colors

Amaranth Pink and Beigh

Eye Color

Rose Red

Fav. Food

White Grapes


Primary traits:Edit

Gregarious, accepting (when it's deserved), positive

Secondary traits:Edit

Doesn't listen to advice when aggrivated, can sometimes be a sore loser, distrustful of old enemies


Lawful good (with Naku Village)

Speech Accent: Edit

Received Pronunciation (English)

Character DescriptionEdit


Special SkillsEdit


[moderate ability]

Fire breathEdit

Fire/heat immunityEdit

Role in the community during peaceEdit

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit


Lance is especially protective of Anuka.

Anuka: Lance immediately took to Anuka when she came battered and bruised into Naku Village. Through a series of explanations, Lance vowed to never let anything happen to her again. This led eventually to mutual feelings of romantic love, and the two wasted no time declaring themselves life-long mates. In Lance's case, he swears he'll love her until the day he dies.

Corinne: Corinne was one of the first outcasts Lance met upon his exodus from his clan. Having similar histories about their departures from their families, he took to both Corinne and Milo almost immediately. Corinne was more quiet than Milo, and Lance appreciated that fact, since Milo could get a bit overbearing sometimes.

Milo: Again, Milo was one of the two loners he came across, and when he realized how their combined efforts could mean a home for not just them, but all outcasts, Lance jumped on the idea. He's grateful to Milo for the idea and used his cunning and creativity to make the idea work. Lance accepts Milo and his leadership and trusts him with not only his life but the lives of all Naku Village's other inhabitants.

Phineas: While Lance can tolerate Milo's strength in character, Phineas just drives him up the wall. He finds Phineas a bit too loud and think he tries too hard for attention. Lance thinks Phineas would find the attention he desires if he'd only tone it down a notch. While usually quite open to befriending EVERYBODY, Phineas is particularly hard for him.

Greta: Lance had a hard time accepting Greta due to her past as a Marauder. He feared for the well-being of the village should she decide to defect again. Over time, though, she proved her loyalty to everyone, and once his mind was made, he befriended her as much as she'd allow herself to befriend anyone.