Milo the Kangaroo
Milo likes to think he's the center of the universe.


Red Kangaroo

Name Meaning





Naku Village

Fur Colors

Red and Beigh

Skin Color

Dark Red

Eye Color


Fav. Food



Primary traits:Edit

Hyperactive, loves to lead and give directions, persuasive

Secondary traits:Edit

Quick to anger, protective of his friends enough to start a vicious fight


Lawful good (with Naku Village)

Speech Accent: Edit

Australian English

Character DescriptionEdit


Special SkillsEdit

Strong LegsEdit

Milo has very strong legs, which help him jump considerably high and deliver devistating kicks to opponents. They also allow him to run hop quite fast.

Hardy tailEdit

His tail is also very hardy to the point that he can balance backwards on it to help deliver an especially powerful double kick.

Role in the community during peaceEdit

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit

  • Corinne: Milo met Corinne shortly after both of them were exiled from their clans. Milo considers Corinne along with Lance to be his best friends since he's known them the longest. Also, some Naku residents believe Milo has had a crush on Corinne for quite some time.
  • Lance: Milo founded Naku Village with Lance and Corinne. Due to Lance's vigor and enthusiasm, Milo has always been drawn to him and considers him one of his best friends.
  • Lyra: The two share a strange yet mutually beneficial friendship. Further explanation goes here when I've regained my train of thought.
  • Tyler: Milo considers Tyler a non-threatening rival to his leadership status. He's aware that Tyler covets the role, but he's confident enough to not let it bother him. In fact, Milo enjoys the friendly competition Tyler continuously imposes on him.