Phineas the Bluebird
Phineas loves to fly -- primarily because most of his friends can't.


Mountain Bluebird

Name Meaning





Naku Village

Plume Colors

Blue and White

Skin Color

Grey (previously yellow)

Eye Color

Lawn Green

Fav. Food



Primary traits:Edit

Loud, obnoxious, loves a competition and jokes, playful

Secondary traits:Edit

Angers easily, never speaks quietly, can be intimidating


Special SkillsEdit


Being a bird, Phineas has the ability to fly, and quite fast. He often challenges Lyra to a point-to-point race and almost always brags about it after his win. He is almosts always politely turned down by fellow flyers, Lance and Anuka, since their type of flight is more acrobatic.


While his laugh itself isn't very contageous, he does have the ability to cheer others up through laughter. Phineas is a wealth of jokes and pratfalls, which plays into his desire for attention continuously. Sometimes, however, he tries too hard and "loses his audience." He vows to become a better comedian, though, or die trying.

Role in the community during peaceEdit


Phineas's new color scheme.

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit

Lyra: Lyra is Phineas' cousin from... some side of the family... somewhere. All they know is that they're related, and they act like it, too. Phineas constantly teases Lyra to her boiling point, after which the two will most likely get in a scuffle until one, usually Phineas, is beaten and bruised. The cycle typically starts again the next day. Teasing Lyra's singing is her trigger button for rage.

Tyler: Phineas is not one to admit he has fewer friends than he'd prefer, but he does count Tyler as definitely one of them. The two play off each other quite well, and sometimes the two get into hijinks that get them on bad terms with other members of the village. Phineas finds Tyler's failing antics for somehow becoming group leader humorous while Tyler enjoys Phineas' sense of humor quite amusing.

Anuka: Phineas tries his best to cheer Anuka up during her bad days, but he often goes too far and ends up scaring her. Though it's not intentional, it's made her afraid of him, especially if he's playing one of his practical jokes. Her reactions are a constant reminder to toon it down a little, but his drive to entertain often overrides his sense of compassion.