Yafeu the Eagle
Yafeu is a conniving, ruthless eagle who helped devise the premise and create the Marauders group.


Bald Eagle

Name Meaning






Plume Colors

Orange-red and Beige

Skin Color


Eye Color


Fav. Food



Primary traits:Edit

Ruthless, excitable, follows orders to the extreme

Secondary traits:Edit

Indifferent to others' pain, finds accomplishment in hurting others, extremely loyal to Halinka

Alignment: Edit

Lawful Evil

Speech Accent: Edit

General American

Character DescriptionEdit


Special SkillsEdit


As with most all Marauders, Yafeu specializes in weaponry. His choice is the longbow. He has deadly accuracy with it and can down an adversary in one shot from a hundred yards away.

Long sight:Edit

Yafeu has very good vision. He can focus on a target at long distances for both aiming with his bow and announcing enemy locations to his comrades.


Just like the other birds in the Naku universe, Yafeu's style of flying is speed, only his particular specialty is landing with acute accuracy, say, onto a small branch from high in the air. With his sharp talons he can also use them as a way of grasping a foe, flying high into the air, and dropping them to a gruesome death.

Role in the community during peaceEdit

Roll in the Marauder WarsEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit

Halinka: Yafeu helped create the Marauders and their followers along with Halinka. He was instantly taken with her and her irresistible charms. The two of them together made a very persuasive couple. She would sway the wanderers with her charisma and if they denied her offer, Yafeu would intimidate them into joining anyway. His crush remains unrequited, but he strives to win her over until the day he dies, especially via his skill in combat.

Irma: With Yafeu as the brawn and Halinka as the charm, the two needed the brains to form a successful horde. Irma the Raccoon filled that role quite nicely. Yafeu has a certain fondness for her since he's known her for quite a long time though his feelings remain platonic. He admires her ability to see the whole picture ahead of them and plan accordingly. He follows both Halinka's orders and Irma's advice without question.

Efrain: Yafeu has constantly tried to befriend Efrain, what with Efrain being the only other bird worthy of his attention. For some reason he can't fathom, Efrain wants nothing to do with him. Over time, Yafeu has given up trying too hard, but every now and then he'll reach out for male companionship and time and time again get refused. Yafeu chalks it up to Efrain being a stuck-up prick.